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Pleuger WFSD Azimuthing Thruster

• Flowserve

• Semi-submersible drilling rigs
• Floating production, storage and off loading vessels
• Drill ships
• Crane vessels and pipelay vessels


• Up to 5 m (16.5 ft) propeller diameter
• Up to 4500 kW (6000 hp) input
• 4- or 5-blade fixed pitch propeller
• 7° tilted propeller shaft
−Propulsion and steering with thrust in any direction
−Minimal thruster-hull and thruster-thruster interaction for higher net thruster output
−Mounting and dismantling underwater without dry-docking
−Customization to meet specific application needs
• Duplex thrust bearing allows windmilling at any speed
• Automatic pressure compensation system adapts differential pressure to draft
• Fully flooded gear housing provides optimum lubrication
• Easy underwater mounting; secured during installation by hydraulically operated locking mechanism
• Fully redundant closed-loop hydraulic steering system as standard


flowserve pump